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Have a Pivot story you'd like to share? We'd love to hear it, and will round up on the blog and newsletter periodically. Be sure to also share on social media with the hashtags #mypivot and/or #nextmove!
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Share your story below! Short and sweet is ideal, and vulnerability often helps readers connect :)

Some tips: what were you doing before? What are you doing now? When/how did you realize you had hit a pivot point? What existing strengths/experience did you leverage to move in the new direction? What are you looking forward to in your #nextmove? (500 words max)
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Ex: I pivoted from A to B by doubling-down on C. #mypivot
I am pivoting from Y to Z and can't wait to . . . #nextmove
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Thank you! We look forward to sharing your story soon at PivotMethod.com :)
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